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With a rich heritage spanning over half a century, Wan Tai & Co Pte Ltd has cultivated a distinguished reputation as a premier retailer and supplier of sanitary wares and bathroom accessories. Our clientele encompasses a diverse spectrum, ranging from discerning direct customers to esteemed business partners, including architectural and interior design firms, main contractor groups, plumber companies, and esteemed building developers.

Our legacy is etched in the landscape of significant landmarks across Singapore, underscoring our influence in both commercial and residential domains. Notably, our contributions grace the iconic Singapore Changi Airport, adorning its transit hotel, the esteemed Crown Plaza. Further, our imprint adorns renowned commercial marvels, such as The Fullerton Bay Hotel and St. Regis Hotel. The realm of residential excellence is equally our canvas, highlighted by illustrious projects like The Reflections Condominium and the captivating Sentosa Cove developments of Sandy Island and The Green Collection.

Step into our realm of opulence and innovation at the lavish 15,000 square feet showroom – Bathroom Gallery Pte Ltd, complemented by the Bathroom Warehouse, boasting three retail havens strategically placed across Singapore. Here, an opulent boutique design showcases an expansive array of bathroom products and accessories, offering a captivating experience to both our valued business partners and discerning end consumers. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we curate an eclectic collection of bathroom designs, products, and accessories, dedicated to presenting the crème de la crème of sanitary ware and fitting brands.

Buoyed by the resounding success of Bathroom Gallery and Bathroom Warehouse on the Singaporean stage, our horizons broaden. Embarking on an exciting journey, we cast our gaze towards the Asia Pacific region, with visionary plans to unveil showrooms in Jakarta and Shanghai. This expansion marks our commitment to not only elevate bathroom standards but also to share our legacy of excellence with a global audience.

Our Projects


We really love what we do & our work on every project truly reflects that.
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Project Specification

Experience the Convenience of Comprehensive Bathroom Solutions

At our establishment, your entire spectrum of bathroom requirements finds a single, harmonious destination. Featuring an ensemble of in-house designers, skilled technicians, and dedicated carpenters, our unified approach ensures a seamless experience. Spanning across an expansive 8000 square feet storage warehouse, our facilities are primed to cater to the intricacies of your project.

Our legacy of extensive expertise empowers us to adeptly manage projects on a grand scale. Whether the canvas is commercial or residential, local or spanning across borders, our prowess remains unparalleled. A cadre of adept project managers, fortified with training and experience, stand poised to shoulder the full gamut of tasks indispensable for the realization of your project's vision.

Product Selection

"Personalized Solutions for Every Home: Embracing Diversity in Design and Lifestyle"

Recognizing the uniqueness of every homeowner, the concept of "one size fits all" finds no place in our approach. A skilled designer must keenly grasp a homeowner's distinct style inclinations, envisioned lifestyle, and budgetary considerations. This philosophy seamlessly extends to the realm of bathroom products and accessories retailing.

Beyond the mere transaction of bathroom wares, Bathroom Gallery comprehends the individuality of each homeowner. Within the tapestry of their daily lives and commitments, making design and renovation choices can prove formidable. Such journeys can indeed become a taxing expedition.

To alleviate your time and effort, we are here to guide you in your quest for the perfect bathroom. At Wan Tai, we extend a bespoke service that is both complimentary and personalized, catering to every homeowner's needs. Complete the form on the following page, and accompany it with your floor plan or 3D layout. A dedicated bathroom specialist, well-versed in their craft, will be designated exclusively to you.

Our adept specialists stand ready to illuminate the landscape of bathroom products and accessories, subsequently weaving together a comprehensive proposal attuned to your preferences, accompanied by a precise quotation.

It's important to underscore that our specialist collaboration entails no cost whatsoever, nor is there any obligatory minimum purchase. We are here to seamlessly merge your aspirations with our expertise, ensuring that your journey towards a transformed bathroom is as gratifying as it is distinctive.